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Probiotics containing 60 billions CFU and has more than 35 strains per capsule that can be stored even at room temperature.


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Size Vegetable capsules
Quantity 60 vegetable capsules
Net Weight 38,4 g
Ministerial Code 115919/13-11-2018

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My Probiotics is a supplement of probiotics containing 60 billions CFU per capsule and has more strains (35) than any other similar supplement on the market. It can be stored even at room temperature. Probiotics are fundamental for the good balance of your intestinal flora.



Component Quantity for 1 capsule (daily dose) mld
Lb. casei LMG-S27763 1
Lb. reuteri LMG S-27759 1
Bb bifidum LMG-S27761 1
Lb. acidophilus LMG-S27762 1

Ingredients:  Lyophilized kefir grains, Lactobacillus casei (LMG-S27763), Lactobscillus reuteri (LMG S-27759), B. bifidum (LMG S-27761), Lactobacillus acidophilus (LMG S-27762); Inulin, acacia fiber, hydroxypropylcellulose



1 capsule daily



Do not exceed the recommended dose unless under medical advice.
Dietary supplements are not intended as a substitute for a healthy and balanced diet.
For use during pregnancy, lactating or under the age of 12 we recommend the advice of a doctor.
Keep out of reach of children under 3 years of age.

This product contains no sugar or artificial sweeteners.



The product contains alive lactic ferments and bifidobacteria and is therefore sensitive to heat. The product can withstand temperature without altering its effectiveness, but once opened it is preferable to keep it in the refrigerator at a temperature of 2-8 degrees.



By (ΚΕΡΚΥΡΑ, Greece) on 27 June 2014 (My Probiotics) :

Πρακτικό και χρήσιμο

Πράγματι εύκολο στη χρήση του! Πολύ καλό για την υγεία του γαστρεντερικού συστήματος.

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By (ΑΓΙΑ ΠΑΡΑΣΚΕΥΗ, Greece) on 24 May 2014 (My Probiotics) :

Πολύ καλό!

Πολλά προβιοτικά σε μια μόνο μόνο κάψουλα... Εύκολο στη χρήση, εφόσον δεν απαιτείται ψυγείο, παγοκύστες κ.α.

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