According to research by Harvard Medical University, Metabolomics is the best method of analysis to ascertain a person's health status

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Since 2012, the first supplements designed to reactivate the human body's metabolic reactions

Meetab is a complete range of supplements with a unique formulation that provides the body with the missing substances to reactivate blocked metabolic processes and help the body repair itself and regain ideal well-being.

What is metabolomics

Metabolomics is the science that studies the elements produced by biochemical reactions in our body: the metabolites

The complete map of the metabolic reactions taking place in our bodies was mapped out in 2007 with the Metabolome Project.
Since 2007, it has been possible to know which biochemical reactions must take place in cells, in what sequence, and what the body needs to carry them out.
With all the biochemical reactions in place, our body performs its functions normally: it produces energy and repairs itself.
If some of the reactions do not occur at their optimal level or are partially blocked, damage and cellular oxidation accumulate, which over time can lead to the onset of diseases.
Thanks to Metabolomics, we know exactly how to identify metabolic blockages and how to reactivate them.
Mappa reazioni metabolomiche
Blocco nutrienti mancanti
The role of enzymes in metabolomic pathways

To identify the metabolic blockages in cells

Enzymes are microscopic "machines" that make high-speed chemical reactions possible. An enzyme brings together or separates, two or more substances.
In most cases, in order to be activated, an enzyme requires one or more factors called: “cofactors”.
These can be vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.
Today we know that the lack of these essential nutrients is the main cause of many chronic diseases and is one of the principles on which Metabolomics is based.

Reactivating the body's biochemical reactions

Vitamins, minerals and amino acids are able to reactivate biochemical chains by aiding body repair

Thanks to 25 years of clinical research and 15,000 clinical analyses, we are able to precisely define the nutrient needs of a patient's metabolism.

Meetab is the first line of supplements designed to reactivate entire metabolic pathways through the supplementation of missing micronutrients.

Through this approach, the basis of any chronic disease can be sought and biochemical balance can be restored.

Nutrienti sufficienti

A practical application protocol helps you recommend the correct supplements and dosage.

From metabolomics to supplement formulation

Thanks to 15,000 clinical analyses, missing nutrient chains have emerged in relation to blocked biochemical processes

Meetab supplements are formulated from this research and are designed to reactivate any metabolic reaction in our body.
Through the application of a protocol, the Meetab range is designed to reactivate more than 18,000 metabolic reactions in the human body.


Designed to reactivate metabolic pathways and restore biochemical reactions in cells


The discovery of the synergy with the University of Brescia.
Maximum absorption for cells.

A scientific publication from the University of Pharmacology in Brescia reports the results of an experiment conducted in the laboratory to analyze the effectiveness of component synergy in supplements.
Both normal cells and cells fed with antioxidant nutrients were subjected to ischemia.
The first major result was that the cells nourished with antioxidants had a 50% lower mortality rate than the other untreated group.
The most surprising result was that it took 200 to 50,000 times lower quantity of Meetab supplements than using single components to achieve the same result.
This clearly demonstrates the critical role that component synergy plays in supplement efficacy, one of the guiding points in Meetab formulation.


Formulated on metabolic reactions and manufactured in accordance with strict manufacturing practices

Meetab is a complete range of supplements with a unique formulation based on more than 15,000 clinical analyses.
The use of cofactors and the purity of raw materials make the supplements 200 times more effective than a regular supplement.


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