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About us

Metabolomics is a cutting-edge science that studies the body’s biochemical imbalances. These imbalances are at the heart of the deterioration of the body's functions and are caused by deficiencies in nutritional substances.

The studies conducted by the world’s leading experts on metabolomics, have made it possible for Meetabstore to create metabolomic supplements that combine the nutritional substances required by the body in such a way that they have the maximum possible effect.

All too often, in the field of vitamins and supplements, a particular vitamin is mistakenly identified as being the solution to all problems. In reality what is needed is a far broader and more organised approach in which the nutritional substances required are linked to the elements needed for our body to assimilate them efficiently. This is the goal of Meetabstore’s metabolomic supplements, that of providing complete supplements that will help the body to function in the best possible way, complementing all the substances required for this to happen.


Meetabstore products differ markedly from what is present today in the supplement market


About the Company

Lumis Research SA, via Landriani n. 7 - 6901 Lugano (TI) - Switzerland

You can contact us at: info@lumisresearch.ch