What makes Meetabstore products different?


All our products are created by selecting the best natural raw materials, with no synthetic component whatsoever added.

Our bodies are programmed to consume natural and not treated or refined foodstuffs. So many supplements have the flaw of containing vitamins or other synthetic nutrients. In the long term this is extremely damaging for the body because the synthetic components are usually combined with chemical components. Synthetic products are absorbed in smaller percentages by the body and, what is more, they can produce side effects over time because of the chemical additives they contain.

If you have already taken the first steps towards improving your health by understanding the importance of using multivitamin products, don't settle for a low quality product but rather expect what you swallow to be totally natural so that it will provide the maximum health benefits.



We have taken the utmost care to ensure the highest standards of production, both in terms of the quality of the ingredients as well as in the manufacturing process. Production only takes place in Italy in a plant where, in addition to being in possession of all the certifications and approvals for production from the Ministry of Health, work is undertaken in accordance with European Directives on dosages and ingredients usable. All the raw materials used, that can be consulted on the supplement's label, are chosen from those of the highest quality and so can inevitably prove quite expensive per kilo. This is the reason it is impossible for us to even contemplate competing, on price, with other, lower quality products.



The combination of the four preceding points (metabolomics, synergy, naturalness and quality) renders all Meetabstore’s products extremely efficacious because they work to the utmost potential to perform the functions for which they were designed. Taken regularly, along with a healthy diet, metabolomic supplements provide the body with everything it requires for it to restore its own perfect functionality and to bring about tangible improvements in its general state health.